Furry Tails Training Classes

We are proud to announce the introduction of Furry Tails Dog Training! The classes will be taught by professional dog trainer. The small group training classes will be conducted once a week for two hours per session over the course of five weeks. The lessons will include tricks to show off (sit, stay, down, paw), social manners for when you have guests, and loose leash training so that you'll enjoy walks just as much as your furry friend! Most importantly, these sessions will provide owners with the tools needed to achieve anything they want when it comes to training their dog.
Participants will benefit from trainer's expertise and the small groups will ensure that the maximum amount of time and attention is given to each and every dog.
All participants are required to bring a long leash (the 12-15 foot training leashes work best) and updated vaccination forms. Contact us today for further information.
With Furry Tails training classes, your dog will reach its fur potential! Oops, full potential! 
P.S. If you are interested in joining the first group class, please contact the front desk. Thanks!