For all the animal lovers out there, a pet is without a doubt a family member. It can be like your child, a sibling or a sweet grandparent with whom you spend most life. Having a furry friend not only gives us plenty of fun moments and tons of laughter but also companionship and comfort; helping soothe our stressful and sometimes difficult lives.

At FURRY TAILS we also believe that animals are our spiritual healers with their unconditional love and affection. That is how Furry Tails was born. 3 animals lovers that wanted to give back all the good we have received from our pets!

Belen, president and founder of Furry Tails, is an International Animal Rights Advocate Attorney and has volunteered at many animal shelters throughout her life. After seeing firsthand the terrible condition in which many animals are found prior to entering a shelter she knew she wanted to do something.

Once her dear old dog, Zoe, was diagnosed with an untreatable bone disease, she came across the idea of having her own space where she could provide a nurturing and enriching environment not only to pets with loving human friends but also to help those less fortunate furry ones. Her hope was to marry both her love of her pets as well as her love for all animals, and be able to help both!

Together with her sister Millie and mother Susana FURRY TAILS PET STORE / DOGGIE DAY CARE / SPA came to life!

Furry Tails is a place where our furry friends are treated with the same love and care as they are at home. We also donate a portion of the proceeds of every purchase of a service or product to help animal shelters as well as providing them with select free services and hosting adoption parties.